Re: [gundam] Anime Village Question

Roger Harkavy (
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 14:35:10 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Paul Lampshire wrote:
> Having seen their new announcements. All I can say is...
> No new Gundam in 99.

Where does it say this on their web site? All I can find is a release
schedule that runs up to June '99, with this above it:

"Disclaimer: Names may not be final. These are titles that we can announce
to the public at this time. Click on a title to go to its page if in
release. is not responsible for typographical or other
errors, but we do try to post correct and updated information as it
becomes available."

Any additional Gundam shows may not be scheduled yet, or haven't gotten
the green light from execs to be publicly announced.

I won't believe "no new Gundam in '99" until Anime Village actually says
something to this effect.

Roger Harkavy

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