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Roger Harkavy asks,

>Regarding the Gelgoog that Reccoa uses in a few Z-Gundam episodes, was
>this MS real or was it Memorex? By seeing it called a "replica" in all of
>the books, I got the impression that this was another MS that the AEUG
>techs just bolted scrounged Gelgoog armor onto. Was it this, or a real

  The AEUG recovered a damaged Gelgoog from a wrecked Zeon battleship, and
then rebuilt it using parts from a spare Nemo. You actually see them strip
down the Nemo to its bare bones as they build the Gelgoog back up. As a
result, it's considered somewhat ersatz - only the outer shell is authentic

>And what image was Reccoa trying to project with it, anyway? A wayward
>Axis pilot? A "Hobby Gelgoog" pilot?

  Mostly the latter. She uses it to infiltrate the Jupitoris, whose crew
apparently find it unremarkable that a civilian would be jetting around in
a vintage One Year War mobile suit. But since it's refitted with Nemo
parts, it's presumably about as good as any of the AEUG's mass-produced
mobile suits (I suppose its armor would be inferior, though), and Reccoa
uses it for the next few episodes to back up Char in combat. Since she was
a Zeon partisan during the war, maybe it's a nostalgia thing. :-)

-- Mark

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