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Chris Beilby (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 19:31:17 -0800

Mark Kuettner wrote:

> >> Gear and Jovian Chronicles) had a model out that is the spitting
> image of
> >> the
> >> Neue Ziel.
> >
> > Fusion Models produces it and it's called the "Syreen"
> > In gundam terms, it's basically an intermediary between the New Zeal
> >and the Alpha Azrael. Very high quality, and very nice practical
> looking
> >design! Even has fold-out manipulator arms!
> > -Probe
> >
> Some people have been talking about this "Syreen" kit, and I'm not
> sure they are really aware of the Neue Ziel. That's...kinda a shame
> because the NZ design looks much more dynamic to me than the Syreen.
> I like the JC line, dont get me wrong, but the Syreen just looks like
> it was just a watered-down NZ.
> Mark KAI
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In JC, the Syreen is in fact a first generation combat suit, which is being
superceded even as the storyline begins...

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