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>> but who's Jack Kirby? Not the Kirby
>> video games?!
> No, not the pink creature from Nintendo games!! :) Jack Kirby was a famous
>U.S. comic book artist. I think he died not too long ago, that's why I said
>was. I don't remember what his works where, since I am not into comic books. I
>read Uncanny X-Men every month and that's it.

Jack Kirby co-created the X-Men with Stan Lee back in 1964. Likewise the
Fantastic Four in 1962 and most of the Marvel superheroes of the early 60s:
Mighty Thor, Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man & Wasp, Sgt. Fury & His Howling
Commandos (later Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD), the Avengers, the Silver
Surfer and, of course, all their major villains. (Iron Man was created by
Don Heck, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange by Steve Ditko, but most everyone
else was Kirby's original visualization)

Captain America was the co-creation of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, back in
the 40s, then resurrected in Avengers #4.

In the 70s, Kirby worked for a time at DC, where he created OMAC (One Man
Army Corps) and the Fourth World saga: Kommandi (a sort of Future Boy
Conan), the New Gods and the Forever People.

Some may quibble about the quality of his artwork, but his imagination knew
no bounds and had a mythic sweep that dwarfs others in comparison.


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