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Rodrick Su writes,

>Question: For the MS that has the seperation capability, does both top
>half & bottom half have reactors? What about the core section?

  That gets into the broader question of where mobile suit reactors are
located, anyway...

The placement of the Zaku's reactor is pretty obvious: It's in the waist,
under the cockpit. In most cases, a mobile suit's chest is completely
filled by the cockpit, chest vents, and shoulder articulation, leaving
little or no room for a reactor. Thus, when in doubt, we can assume the
average mobile suit reactor is in either the backpack, the lower torso, or
the legs. The bulky lower legs of the Z Gundam and Dom, for example, house
pretty substantial reactors.

  The classic core fighter has a pair of small reactors, contributing about
a fifth of the Gundam's total power output. The rest is derived either from
a bunch of small generators scattered about the Gundam's torso and legs, or
from a large reactor in its back, depending on which sources you believe.

  The GP01's main reactor is in its core fighter, specifically in the
backpack section thereof. It's possible that supplemental generators might
be located in the lower torso or legs, but the core fighter reactor is
clearly adequate to run the mobile suit's powerful main engines and to use
the beam sabers as beam guns.

  The ZZ's core fighter appears too puny to accommodate a reactor;
according to the kit manuals, the ZZ's main reactors are in the legs and
backpack, with a backup reactor in the beam rifle.

  The S Gundam has reactors in its huge shoulders and in the calves of its
legs (the latter are part of the thermonuclear jet engine system). Those
huge booster units appear to contain supplemental reactors.

  The V Gundam and V2 Gundam appear to keep their main reactors in the core
fighter, which is substantially larger than that of earlier models. I
wouldn't rule out supplemental reactors in the legs, though.

In general, separating mobile suits seem to put their main reactors in the
core fighter if it's big enough, or in the legs, torso, and backpack if it
isn't. In this respect, they don't differ substantially from non-separating
mobile suits, whose chests are usually too cramped to house reactors anyway.

-- Mark

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