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Edmund Chiu writes,

>1) How about a little about the reason of why Usso is the pilot of V Gundam
>throughout the first half, even when Marbet is perfectly capable of piloting
>it - because he is good at it.

  Hm. I think this might be something to cover in the accompanying
character profile - his emerging newtype powers, growing up on top of a
bank of MS combat simulators, et cetera. :-)

>2) How about a little more about the Shrike Team - they are great at space,
>but don't really have a lot of skills, since they cannot seems to avoid
>blowing up MS on earth while Usso have no trouble of doing so.

  I hadn't really made that connection - I just figured they weren't trying
as hard to spare enemy pilots' lives...

>3) A little about Usso's trouble in piloting in space at first might be
>nice, since the enemy pilot deserve some words...

  Then again, he does seem to get over it pretty quickly. I'll see if it
works to mention this someplace in the synopsis...

>4) If I remember correctly, Shakti is with her mother when Angel Halo is
>launched - she was rescued when the rest of the Shrike Team was killed. Of
>course, she did go back in hope of disabling the thing before it reaches

  Yes, but I'd already catalogued every other time Shakti changes hands,
and it does start to get a bit ridiculous when she's captured and rescued
again every paragraph. I figured I'd gloss over that one since it doesn't
affect the plot. For that matter, I was thinking of cutting the bit where
Usso has the option of taking Shakti out of Amelia but decides to leave her
behind, especially since they _do_ rescue her a few sentences later. :-)

WooJin Lee writes,

>I thought you had to avoid blowing MS if at all possible at this point in
>the gundam universe...something about the Generators I believe :P

  On the other hand, they do make great impromptu nukes; you see this used
a couple of times in F91, and it's done all the time in V Gundam. These
super-compact reactors make much better bombs than the wimpy One Year War

-- Mark

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