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> >Are the Dom, Gouf and marine MS (Zugock, Hygog, etc) space capable
>too? They
> >have thrusters, so I'm not sure.
> No, they aren't, but I suppose they should be able to get about a
> bit. The Dom and Gouf rely on leg-mounted jet engines, and the
> mobile suits use water-breathing hydrojet engines, but they all have
> conventional rocket engines on their backs that should be functional in
> space as well. Their lack of space capability is probably a matter of
> limited propellant, inadequate cooling, lack of proper balancing
> and avionics, et cetera. Episode 5 of 0083 shows you the problems that
> mobile suit can have in space if it isn't properly programmed and
> equipped...
> >>
>Wait, The Rik Dom is totally space capable.

Yeah, but note, Mark is only talking about DOM & Gouf & the marine MS.
Rick Dom is a stopgap measure by Zeon until the arrival of Gelgoog. So
they basically took a DOM, strip off the Thermonuclear Jet bits, and
added in the space capable propellent engine.

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