Re: [gundam] Neue Ziel kit

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 12:51:25 PST

>Some people have been talking about this "Syreen" kit, and I'm not
>sure they are really aware of the Neue Ziel. That's...kinda a shame
>because the NZ design looks much more dynamic to me than the Syreen.
>I like the JC line, dont get me wrong, but the Syreen just looks like
>it was just a watered-down NZ.

Don't forget the Dragonstriker from the old Mekton JC supplements! That
thing *was* the NZ! The only real difference was the addition of legs,
and a few extra greeblies. But it was the NZ, through and through. And
it didn't help any that the character design for its pilot was a
complete rip off of Gato, just with short brown hair!


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