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>I'm currently working on a project to convert MS stats to the Jovian
>Chronicles RPG. Using the stats on the fantastic Gundam Project, I'm
>to have JC game stats for most, if not all, of the Gundam mecha. Since
>never seen any of the shows, I have a few questions.
>The extremely high land speeds seem highly improbable (~160km/h). Can
>really run that fast?

The MS with that speed does not run. Instead what they do is pipe in
the air and run it thru the reactor, and spew out as propellant on the
feet. Thus, they glide over land at those amazing speed.

>Are the Dom, Gouf and marine MS (Zugock, Hygog, etc) space capable
>too? They
>have thrusters, so I'm not sure. How effective is the Dom's bazooka?

They are air-tight, but the thruster for the marine MS are designed to
take in water, heated up in the reactor (and cooling excessive heat)
and spew out for the thrust. No water in space.

>what is a 'beam spray gun'? Does it cover a wide area with one shot?

Imagine if the WWII grunts are armed with the BB guns and the enemy
have Mauser rifle... That's about the effectiveness of beam spray
gun. Sort of rough analogy is that beam rifle delievers a tight focus
beam of megaparticle that will pretty much punch through any armor
except I-Field generator, a beam spray gun delievered water-pistole
spray of megaparticle. Great if it hit something, but the manuefactor
definately does not guarentee accuracy and effectiveness over distances.

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