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Buji Kern writes,

>I'm currently working on a project to convert MS stats to the Jovian
>Chronicles RPG. Using the stats on the fantastic Gundam Project, I'm hoping
>to have JC game stats for most, if not all, of the Gundam mecha. Since I've
>never seen any of the shows, I have a few questions.

  Actually, I would recommend seeing at least a little of the animation if
you're interested in doing a gaming writeup. Gundam 0083 should give you a
good overview of the current laws of mobile suit physics. :-)

>The extremely high land speeds seem highly improbable (~160km/h). Can suits
>really run that fast?

  In practice, the land speed for mobile suits over long distances seems to
be about 50 kilometers per hour (based on the distances and times cited for
the first couple episodes of 0083). That's about ten times human strolling
speed, which seems reasonable for vehicles that stand ten times human
height and move with the same gait. A human sprinter can move two or three
times as fast, so the high land speeds of certain mobile suits appear at
least possible, if not genuinely plausible.

>Are the Dom, Gouf and marine MS (Zugock, Hygog, etc) space capable too? They
>have thrusters, so I'm not sure.

  No, they aren't, but I suppose they should be able to get about a little
bit. The Dom and Gouf rely on leg-mounted jet engines, and the amphibious
mobile suits use water-breathing hydrojet engines, but they all have
conventional rocket engines on their backs that should be functional in
space as well. Their lack of space capability is probably a matter of
limited propellant, inadequate cooling, lack of proper balancing gadgets
and avionics, et cetera. Episode 5 of 0083 shows you the problems that a
mobile suit can have in space if it isn't properly programmed and

>How effective is the Dom's bazooka?

  Again, you'll get a pretty good sense of this from watching the
animation. In general, it's easily able to destroy a typical mobile suit
with a single well-placed shot, and even one with extraordinary armor (like
the Luna Titanium used on the Gundam, Guncannon and Guntank) will take
severe damage. The bazooka is also powerful enough to take out a warship's
bridge, engine, or gun turret.

>Also, what is a 'beam spray gun'? Does it cover a wide area with one shot?

  That's a little unclear, since we've never seen one hit anything. From
the animation, it seems that the weapon doesn't "spray" a beam over a wide
area, but instead has the ability to do rapid-fire bursts. The exact
workings of the beam spray gun are something we've contemplated a few times
on this list without coming to any real conclusions...

-- Mark

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