Re: [gundam] Zakrello question

Richie Ramos (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 03:04:58 +0800

>I ask because my Zakrello Mk. II is currently a semi-transforming
>design. The arms can fold into the fuselage, and ventral rocket pods
>swing up and back to align more with the MA's centre of gravity, for
>more efficient acceleration. I think that because it's not a "true"
>transforming design, it'll fit in oklay with the Delaz mod context.

        Hmmm...had the same idea, too, to turn it into an MS/MA system.
        But it's proving pretty hard to make it look serious, rather than as
pacman on acid with leags and arms...

>While I'm at it, what the heck are those pick acne-like blisters on the
>fronts of the rocket pods, and on the top-back of the machine? They look
>a little like rocket pods, but we've already seen how the Zakrello has
>only two quad lanchers...

        Uh, raidators or minovsky particle scoops?

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