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Mark Simmons (
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:45:29 -0800

Mark Kai asks,

>Was the mouth on the Zakrello actually functional?? Could it actually
>"eat" enemy MS, MA and battleships?

  Nope. You don't get that until the giant squid ship in Crossbone Gundam. :-)

Mark II writes,

>Slightly on topic, how many, if any, transformable MS/MA were there in
>the OYW? Even partially trasformable, and including side stories.

  Technically, none. But if you're counting the G-armor combination and the
core fighter as transformable, then maaaaaybe you could find a couple more.
There's also the GT Four from the MS Generation comic, but that barely even
qualifies as a side story...

>I ask because my Zakrello Mk. II is currently a semi-transforming
>design. The arms can fold into the fuselage, and ventral rocket pods
>swing up and back to align more with the MA's centre of gravity, for
>more efficient acceleration. I think that because it's not a "true"
>transforming design, it'll fit in oklay with the Delaz mod context.

  I wouldn't worry too much about that. 0083 isn't exactly a shining
example of staying within the bounds of technological continuity to begin
with. :-)

>While I'm at it, what the heck are those pick acne-like blisters on the
>fronts of the rocket pods, and on the top-back of the machine? They look
>a little like rocket pods, but we've already seen how the Zakrello has
>only two quad lanchers...

  I believe they're supposed to be manuevering verniers, like those studded
all over the Elmeth's bits.

-- Mark

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