Re: [gundam] Zakrello question

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 10:24:47 PST

>Was the mouth on the Zakrello actually functional?? Could it actually
>"eat" enemy MS, MA and battleships?

Nope. The beam scatter gun was located in the "mouth". I guess the
wasted-beyond-the-world MA designer decided to combine the hardpoint for
the scatter gun with the gaudy green dual sensor pallets (read: ugly
eyes)to make a face of it. Perhaps an attempt to duplicate the
"psychological effect" of the Gundam face?

Slightly on topic, how many, if any, transformable MS/MA were there in
the OYW? Even partially trasformable, and including side stories.

The Zeta was probably the first TRUE transforming MS, but what did we
have in the original series? Core fighter aside, we had that G-Armor
thing, which various attachments turning the Gundam into a tank,
fighter, or both. IIRC, the Gundam could sparate from the G-Armor and
function on its own. Hmm, perhaps the ReGZ is an off shoot of that?

I ask because my Zakrello Mk. II is currently a semi-transforming
design. The arms can fold into the fuselage, and ventral rocket pods
swing up and back to align more with the MA's centre of gravity, for
more efficient acceleration. I think that because it's not a "true"
transforming design, it'll fit in oklay with the Delaz mod context.

While I'm at it, what the heck are those pick acne-like blisters on the
fronts of the rocket pods, and on the top-back of the machine? They look
a little like rocket pods, but we've already seen how the Zakrello has
only two quad lanchers...


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