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>Sorta like Lego with robot figures. There's a basic little robot "block"
>guy with moving arms and legs, that can be combined with other guys and
>various accessories to build vehicles, bigger robots, etc. Kinda cool
>for its time.

        What I remember is the macross 1/144 diecast cloth kit for the various
macross destroids....

>The first three or so models of the G-Unit Gundam Wing series were
>modular, like the F-90. Fairly well done, those.

        Hmmm...that's right. but I kinda was weirded out by was
so...slick. The designs were like from another series
altogether...rmeinded me of the more kiddie robot stuff...almost sentai like.

>The Gundam X series is semi-modular. In episode 10 or so, the GX tosses
>the satellite cannon for a "harmonica cannon" shield that has 13 beam
>guns! Later on, we get the Gundam Double X, which can link up G-Defenser
>style with the G-Falcon. The Gundams Leopard Destroy and Airmaster Burst
>also had this ability.

        I have all of those guys at 1/100 scale...but the g-falcon wasn't reaslly
modular...the durn mecha had to reconfigure to accept it...itwas a midway
between modular and transformable/addition.
        The g-falcon is cool though, but give me my G-Defensor!

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