Re: [gundam] 2 quick Hygog ?s (was Nu Gundam 1/100)

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Thu, 04 Feb 1999 01:39:07 +0800

> The Kampfer had some serious proportionality problems in its legs and
>feet, and needed a heavy dose of paint too... The GMs though are among my
>favorites! True to the original series, yet original and detailed enough
>to look very unique! The 8MST ones are 'too patlabor' for Gundam.

        True. the 8mst was patlaborish, but that added a realistic feel to
it...something sorely missing after WIng and Endless Waltz.

>> kicks but better, though, and The NT actually looks quite a bit like the
>> Nu, specially in proportions. Did they have the same designer or base
> Actually, if you look at the NT carefully you'll see that it looks as if
>it was the prototype for the Nemo! With its armor on, it's the prototype
>for the GM Cannon II!
> -Probe

        Hmmm...didn't realize that, but you're right! no wonder I was thinking
that the NT would look better with a pair of shoulder cannons!

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