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Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 08:53:37 PST

>>Well, if anyone remembers those American Robotech figure assembler
>>guys... We discussed them a few months ago..
> I'm not familiar with this...

Sorta like Lego with robot figures. There's a basic little robot "block"
guy with moving arms and legs, that can be combined with other guys and
various accessories to build vehicles, bigger robots, etc. Kinda cool
for its time.

> by the way, aside form f90, were there other mobile suits which had
>modular systems -- that came out as kits? The various zakus don't
>count...I mean as in you can import weapons from one kit to anohter
> I remember that the dwadge's bazooka could be fitted to a hipclamp on
>desert zaku (second version), and I have the X, which has two backpack
>configurations, but I haven't seen modularity on the level of the f90's
>anywhere else...

The first three or so models of the G-Unit Gundam Wing series were
modular, like the F-90. Fairly well done, those.

The Gundam X series is semi-modular. In episode 10 or so, the GX tosses
the satellite cannon for a "harmonica cannon" shield that has 13 beam
guns! Later on, we get the Gundam Double X, which can link up G-Defenser
style with the G-Falcon. The Gundams Leopard Destroy and Airmaster Burst
also had this ability.


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