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Subject: [gundam] <SPOILERS> V Gundam Synopsis

> For those of you new to the process, it works something like this: I
>write a brief synopsis of the series plot, typically somewhere between
>1500 and 2000 words. I post it to the list so that y'all can offer
>comments, questions, requests for clarification, et cetera. Typically
>nobody has any comments, so it's sort of a waste of time, but I like to
>think it's a concession to democratic procedure. So, have at!

    I didn't remember this part - about adding comments to it when you post
other synopsis. Oh well...

    I just had a few comments:

1) How about a little about the reason of why Usso is the pilot of V Gundam
throughout the first half, even when Marbet is perfectly capable of piloting
it - because he is good at it.

2) How about a little more about the Shrike Team - they are great at space,
but don't really have a lot of skills, since they cannot seems to avoid
blowing up MS on earth while Usso have no trouble of doing so.

3) A little about Usso's trouble in piloting in space at first might be
nice, since the enemy pilot deserve some words...

4) If I remember correctly, Shakti is with her mother when Angel Halo is
launched - she was rescued when the rest of the Shrike Team was killed. Of
course, she did go back in hope of disabling the thing before it reaches

    That's all I felt should be added (although you don't have to...), and I
cannot wait until I see the character synopsis...

Edmund Chiu

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