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Mark Simmons (
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 01:35:16 -0800

Dafydd writes,

>"Zakrello - It might be full of defects, but this prototype MA does have
>quite a powerful diffusion beam cannon."

  And big teeth!

>Even more interesting are the Romanizations of the character names, Colonel
>M'quve and Captain Challia Bull.

  Them's the Sunrise official romanizations. Now that they've finally
drawn up a master list of spellings and sent it to all concerned parties,
you'll be seeing these spellings used consistently in all Japanese
publications from now on. Most, but not all, match the spellings in MS
ERA - I dunno whether that's because MS ERA reflects the stylistic wishes
of the Sunrise staff, or Sunrise couldn't be bothered to come up with a
new way to spell Ma Kube. :-)

>Note that they use Army-style ranks, even though the military is organized

  Curious, eh? On the other hand, the enlisted ranks are all army-style
(Japanese uses different kanji to describe naval enlisted ranks). And
some of the terminology used for mobile suit formations, notably
"division" and "brigade," doesn't have a naval equivalent so far as I can
tell. If it weren't for the cognitive dissonance of having a warship
commanded by a colonel, I'd recommend the use of army-style ranks across
the board.

-- Mark

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