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Hi folks,

  Here we go again with another synopsis for the Gundam Project. This
time the subject is V Gundam, concluding my lineup of UC series synopses
(well, the animated ones, at least); character descriptions will
accompany the synopsis when I post it later this week.

  For those of you new to the process, it works something like this: I
write a brief synopsis of the series plot, typically somewhere between
1500 and 2000 words. I post it to the list so that y'all can offer
comments, questions, requests for clarification, et cetera. Typically
nobody has any comments, so it's sort of a waste of time, but I like to
think it's a concession to democratic procedure. So, have at!

  In deference to those who hope that V Gundam will, one day, see a
domestic release (if only!), I note that this synopsis contains vast
quantities of <SPOILERS>. Have some blank space!

-- Mark

<SPOILERS to follow>

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<SPOILERS! Look out, here they come!>


150 years after the start of the space colonization program, and a
century after the emigration program was halted so that the favored
elites could remain on Earth, the migration of mankind into space is at
last nearly complete. The Earth Federation has transferred its base of
operations to the moon, leaving the battered planet to heal the damage
caused by human abuse. Only a handful of legal residents remain on Earth
in a few designated residence areas, with the odd illegal resident hiding
out in the wilderness.

With its task of space colonization and population management essentially
completed, the Federation has become weak and impotent. After the
successful defiance of the Crossbone Vanguard (see Gundam F91), the
Federation has continued to slide into irrelevance, and the spacenoids
have become progressively bolder in their agitation for independence.

The Zanscare Empire

In UC 0149, a radical political movement seizes power at Side 2 and
declares the foundation of the independent Zanscare Empire. While saintly
Queen Maria Pia Ammonia is the empire's spiritual leader, the
totalitarian Gachi Party effectively rules in her name, spreading its
brand of religion through terror and military force. The Federation is
too weak and conflicted to muster an effective response, but a civilian
resistance movement called the League Militaire has recognized the threat
and begun arming itself to counter the Zanscare peril.

In UC 0153, the true battle begins, as the Zanscare Empire sets out to
turn the restored Earth into a homeland for the true believers.
Zanscare's elite Yellowjacket force invades the planet, setting up an
advance base at the Eastern European city of Largane. Meanwhile,
Zanscare's mighty space fleet sets out to overwhelm neighboring space
colonies. The last hope for resistance lies with the League Militaire,
whose underground factories in Eastern Europe are manufacturing a line of
state-of-the-art mobile suits to combat the Zanscare forces...

Point Kasarelia

In the lush woods of Czechoslovakia, near the city of Woowig (modern-day
Prague), the forest region called Point Kasarelia is home to two
children. Both thirteen-year-old Usso Ebbing and eleven-year-old Shakti
Karin have been left here by their parents, and together they wait
patiently for their families' return. Their peaceful life is interrupted
when Yellowjacket forces enter Kasarelia, pursuing League Militaire pilot
Marbet Fingerhut. Becoming entangled in the battle, Usso helps the
injured Marbet escape and captures one of the Yellowjacket mobile suits,
booting enemy ace Chronocle Asher into the lake.

Usso is soon called upon to use his stolen mobile suit in the defense of
Woowig, as the city is attacked by Yellowjacket forces searching for the
League Militaire's hidden factories. Usso rescues his friend Katejina
Loos from the devastated city and returns to Kasarelia. Here, they join
forces with Marbet, the rest of the League Militaire's Camion group, and
a trio of refugee children from Largane. Together they make their way to
the League Militaire's underground factory in Kolin, where the new mobile
suit V Gundam is being manufactured. Katejina, who blames the League
Militaire for the destruction of her home town, is further incensed when
her friend Usso covers for the injured Marbet by becoming a V Gundam pilot.


The location of the League Militaire's factory is soon discovered, and
they begin a hasty evacuation. In the process, Chronocle captures
Katejina and the leader of the Camion group, the latter of whom is then
executed in a grisly televised guillotine ceremony. The rest of the
Camion group flee, with the Yellowjackets in hot pursuit. Usso and Shakti
try to go back to Kasarelia, but they're now targets for the
Yellowjackets, and their only safety lies with the Camion group.
Katejina, meanwhile, is becoming more Chronocle's helpmate than his captive.

The mysterious leader of the League Militaire, a shadowy figure known
only as Jinn Gehennam, directs the Camion group to rendezvous at the
Federal Forces' Becheyne base. En route, they're joined by the League
Militaire's elite Shrike Team, an all-female team of mobile suit pilots
commanded by Marbet's old flame Oliver Inoue. Arriving at Becheyne, the
reunited League Militaire borrow transport planes from the Federal Forces
and resume their journey by air.

Arti Gibraltar

The League Militaire arrive at the Arti Gibraltar spaceport in Spain,
from which millions of people were launched heavenwards during the heyday
of space colonization. The Yellowjackets seize control of the city of
Gibraltar, triggering a fierce battle and the deaths of many of the
Shrike Team pilots. Amid the melee, Chronocle and Katejina manage to
launch in a space shuttle. They set a course for the nearly-complete
orbital attack satellite Kairas Giri, where they are welcomed by station
commander Tashiro Vargo.

Hot on Chronocle's heels are Usso and Marbet, who hijack a space shuttle
and launch into Earth orbit. Meanwhile, having borrowed a mothballed
space cruiser Reinforce from the Federal Forces, the rest of the League
Militaire follow Usso and company into space. As two of the refugee kids
have stowed away aboard Usso's shuttle, the third prevails upon Shakti to
smuggle her aboard the Reinforce, and the entire cast are thus relocated
to space.

Hiland and Kairas Giri

In Earth orbit, Usso and friends encounter a Zanscare patrol ship and
rescue the child hostages aboard it. These liberated captives turn out to
be children of the crew of the solar power satellite Hiland, taken
hostage to force the Hiland crew provide power to Kairas Giri. Usso and
Marbet return the children to Hiland and settle in to await the arrival
of the Reinforce.

En route to Hiland, the Reinforce is attacked by Zanscare forces, fending
them off with some help from Usso, Marbet, and a second League Militaire
ship. During the battle, however, Shakti and her fellow stowaway are
blown out into space, captured by the Zanscare, and taken back to Kairas
Giri. Here, Chronocle and Tashiro discover that Shakti is in fact the
long-lost daughter of their holy figurehead Queen Maria. Chonocle is
dispatched to take Shakti back to the Zanscare Empire's home colony;
right after his departure, the League Militaire launches an attack on
Kairas Giri and captures the satellite.

Side 2

With the Kairas Giri crisis resolved, the Hiland crew set off to visit
their home colony in Side 2, and the Hiland kids promptly enlist Usso to
help them chase after their parents. A medical emergency forces Usso and
company to enter the heart of the Zanscare Empire, the Side 2 colony of
Amelia, where Usso is briefly reunited with Shakti. At this point, the
League Militaire launch an attack on the colony to lure the Zanscare
Empire's main fleet back to Amelia. Usso and friends rejoin their
comrades, telling Shakti to stay behind and look after her mother.

Cut off by the returning fleet, Usso, Marbet and the Hiland kids are
forced to enter Amelia once again. Usso and Marbet are captured, and
scheduled for execution at a public rally. At the ceremony, Queen Maria
preaches love and peace, performs a spectacular feat of mass healing,
then is whisked away as the Gachi Party's leaders take the stage to
preside over the public executions. At the last moment, the Hiland kids
show up to rescue Usso and Marbet; thanks to Maria's hints, they're able
to retrieve Shakti as well. Also saved from the guillotine is Tashiro
Vargo, who was to be executed for his loss of Kairas Giri.

By fortuitous coincidence, the League Militaire chooses this point to
launch another attack on Amelia. Our heroes fight their way out of the
colony and join the battle, where they must contend with Chronocle and
his now-fanatical partner Katejina. The League Militaire plan to blast
the Zanscare fleet with the captured Kairas Giri, but when the
satellite's remote control system is damaged, Usso must enter the
satellite and trigger its devastating cannon himself. The blast wipes out
a third of the Zanscare fleet, and the League Militaire beat a hasty retreat.

Motorad Attacks

Fleeing the wrath of the Zanscare Empire, the League Militaire proceed to
the neutral Side 2 colony of Macedonia and surrender to the local
authorities. At Macedonia's pastoral POW camp, Oliver - relieved of his
duties as Shrike Team commander by the deaths of all the Shrikes - at
last ties the knot with his old flame Marbet. All is peaceful until the
arrival of Chronocle and his newly-organized Motorad fleet, whereupon the
League Militaire crew bust out of the camp and set course for the moon.
Along the way Usso endures a brief but humiliating capture, then receives
a powerful new mobile suit, the fabulous V2 Gundam.

Reaching the moon, the Motorad fleet and League Militaire each dock near
the neutral lunar city of Saint Josef. Here Usso is reunited with his
long-lost mother, the League Militaire engineer who designed the V2
Gundam. Usso's joyous reunion is brief, as his mother is captured by the
Zanscare. The Motorad fleet departs the moon to begin its invasion of
Earth, and Oliver sacrifices himself in an attempt to delay the enemy
fleet's takeoff.

Operation Giant Roller

The Motorad fleet descends upon North America to begin its terrestrial
rampage. The League Militaire battle the armada of wheeled battleships,
losing Shakti again in the process. Usso sneaks aboard the Motorad
flagship in an attempt to rescue his captive loved ones, but is only able
to rescue Shakti. Even as the Earth Federation arranges to halt the
Motorad onslaught by negotiating a ceasefire with the Zanscare Empire,
the invaders try one last stratagem, involving the use of Usso's mother
as a human shield. The elaborate gambit goes horribly awry, and Usso's
mother is accidentally killed just seconds before the ceasefire is
announced. The Motorad fleet departs once the truce is established, and
the League Militaire make their way across the Atlantic and back to
Europe, from whence they likewise launch into space.

Angel Halo

Usso and friends make their way to the Hiland solar power satellite,
where they join a combined League Militaire and Earth Federation fleet -
a fleet led by Usso's father, the true leader of the League Militaire.
This ragtag force must take on not only the entire Zanscare fleet, but
also their ultimate weapon, the psycommu battle fortress Angel Halo.
Using this immense psychic weapon, powered by ten thousand civilian
"psychickers" and controlled by the supernatural talents of Queen Maria,
the Zanscare Empire plans to attack the minds of Earth's inhabitants and
carry out a bloodless psychic genocide.

As the League Militaire and Federation forces fight their way through the
Zanscare fleets that guard Angel Halo, the fortress is activated and
begins its descent towards Earth. Queen Maria, desperate to avert the
coming catastrophe, has herself "kidnapped" by co-conspirator Tashiro
Vargo. But when she uses her powers to call on Usso for help, Tashiro
flies into a rage, slays the uncooperative queen, and is himself
vaporized by the grief-stricken hero. Angel Halo enters Earth's
atmosphere, and the League Militaire, Earth Federation, and Zanscare
begin a cataclysmic final battle.


Surrendering herself to the Zanscare Empire, Shakti volunteers to take
her mother's place, then begins using Angel Halo's own power to
disassemble the immense psychic weapon. Angel Halo breaks up into
segments, which scoop up the combatants and their ships and carry them
back up into space. Meanwhile, Usso defeats his rival Chronocle and heads
into Angel Halo's core to rescue Shakti, only to confront his last enemy
- the bitter, hateful Katejina. The showdown between Usso and his
estranged friend culminates in a shattering blast, tearing the remnants
of Angel Halo apart...

The war is over, the leaders slain, and the soldiers swept off the
battlefield by the power of Angel Halo. The survivors of the bloody
conflict - Usso, Shakti, their fellow orphans, and Marbet, pregnant with
Oliver's child - settle at Point Kasarelia. Then one day, while her
friends are visiting the graves of their fallen comrades, Shakti
encounters a blind beggar woman trying to find her way to Woowig. Shakti
aids the pitiful vagrant, but when Usso and the others return, she can't
bring herself to tell them what she's seen: that maimed, miserable
vagabond was the once-proud Katejina.

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