Re: [gundam] 2 quick Hygog ?s (was Nu Gundam 1/100)

Bernard Ng (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 01:19:52 PST

>>shout, a friend of mine can get some models discount, might be enough
>>justify mailing from Canada...
>>CHIN, Chien Ting
> If you're friend can also get his hands on a 0080 Dom, I''d like to
>business with you! I'd love to get a dom, a zugock and a hygog from
>Richard Ramos

Same here, *drool*... -(|0|]
I would like to have a rick dom, keampher, zugock and hygog from 0080,
Also the revamped GMs and the Gundam NT.... For once I wounldn't mind
the money disappearing from my pocket!!


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