Re: modular systems, formerly [gundam] [OT] Centurions!

Richie Ramos (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 16:43:10 +0800

>> Anyway...I wish the durn things also had more harpoints and had ARMOR
>>additions, as well as possible vehicle combine systems...heck, if
>>gonna go modular, may as well go all the way!
>Well, if anyone remembers those American Robotech figure assembler
>guys... We discussed them a few months ago..

        I'm not familiar with this...

        by the way, aside form f90, were there other mobile suits which had
modular systems -- that came out as kits? The various zakus don't
count...I mean as in you can import weapons from one kit to anohter
        I remember that the dwadge's bazooka could be fitted to a hipclamp on the
desert zaku (second version), and I have the X, which has two backpack
configurations, but I haven't seen modularity on the level of the f90's
anywhere else...

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