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> Hi, I have a question about the bussiness practice of Bandai:

What ever makes money, do it? Not a hard question at all...

> Do these old model kits go "out of print"? It seems that after all these
> years, the old low quality (and very economical) 1/144 model line (c)
> 1979/80 is still available. And many of the newer lines (e.g. Hygog (c)
> 1989, Macross Queadluun Rau (c) 1992) are also available after
> some years.
> OTOH some other models seem to have disappeared (I have been looking for
> 1/144 Macross Tactical Pod Glaug for a while now, but that's not my point)
> Actually I had a chance to mail order 1 a few months ago, but I hesitated
> and I have been kicking myself since.

        In USA, if you look hard enough, you'll eventually find it, out of print or
not. In my short career, I've seen some of Z and ZZ Era kits, including
1/220th kits of Zeta and Type100 (Hyaku Shiki), all of the original HGs
(seems fairly common), some sentinels (Zplus and EXS was the hardest to find
for me, but I eventually found them, not that I actually bought them..) All
of G, W, X 1/144 and 1/100, though I admit that G gundam kits, especially
Devil Gundam can be a bitch to find nowadays... Also, I've ran into the
original 0079 kits, and 1/60th of 0079 and MSV era kits!

        In a nutshell, see a 1/60 you like, grabbit. I'm still kicking my ass till
today for not getting a 1/60th Wing Zero.

        V Gundam Kits seem to be the rarest, followed by F90 with VSBR and F90 type
II, and then G Gundams. Gundam Falcon seems mighty rare as well...

        At one point in time, any kits older than CCA was extremely hard to find,
but now, they seem more common. It would suggest that they are reprinting
these kits at the moment, in participation of the Big Bang.

        In other words, look and look, and if that fails, there's always HLJ...

> I want to buy many models (haven't even start collecting any MGs yet,
> guess I will start with Super Gundam) but no way I can buy everything I
> want now (even if I mortgage my PC :) Can we predict if the existing
> models will still be kicking around in 1-10 years?

        Some may. I can see most of MGs still kicking around, as well as some of
the Wing Gundam stuff. In next 10 years, it may be that the PG may be
relegated to the role of MG, MG to HG, and HG to 1/144th status. Heck,
we're starting to see MG degrade to HG level somewhat now...

        Remember, MG was supposed to be the end all be all model in terms of
Gundams. Zeta Gundam was very impressive in that range, and RX-178 to a
lesser degree... Then PG hits the streets and all heck breaks loose...

        PPG anyone?

Y. Choe
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