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>> but who's Jack Kirby? Not the Kirby
>> video games?!
> No, not the pink creature from Nintendo games!! :) Jack Kirby was a famous
>U.S. comic book artist. I think he died not too long ago, that's why I said
>was. I don't remember what his works where, since I am not into comic
books. I
>read Uncanny X-Men every month and that's it.

        Jack Kirby was one of the original artists of marvel comics, and if i
remember correctly, he also created the New Gods, Secret City, The
Guardian. He also did a lot of work for fantastic four and Black Panther,
as well as OMAC.
        Jeez, the guy was well known for really funky least he did
good work for the centurions.
        you ever wonder how deep those hardpoints are? damn those things must
hurt! The transformation sequences were also taken from anime
transformations...and the idea of modular weaponry is also a very old anime

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