Re: [gundam] Out of print models?

Edward Ju (
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 21:13:10 -0800

>Hi, I have a question about the bussiness practice of Bandai:
>Do these old model kits go "out of print"? It seems that after all these
>years, the old low quality (and very economical) 1/144 model line (c)
>1979/80 is still available.

It's a matter of supply and demand. In Japan, Bandai does not manufacture
excess kits to sit in the warehouse in case there is large demand. Instead,
when the initial supply is drained, they receive additional orders placed by
distributors and retailers and tally up the total order periodically. When
this total reaches a magical number that justifies the effort of pulling out
the old molds and get the plant going, they'll reprint the kits and fill
the orders. This explains why Gundam kits gets reissued all the time (each
new series/sequel creates demand for older kits from new fans) but not for
most other series. It's hard to predict which Gundam kits will not be
reissued, but as a rule of thumb, kits that features plating or clear parts
doesn't seen to get reissued at all.

>And many of the newer lines (e.g. Hygog (c)
>1989, Macross Queadluun Rau (c) 1992) are also available after some years.
>OTOH some other models seem to have disappeared (I have been looking for
>1/144 Macross Tactical Pod Glaug for a while now, but that's not my point)
>Actually I had a chance to mail order 1 a few months ago, but I hesitated
>and I have been kicking myself since.

These pods that didn't get the 15th Anniv. reissue treatment are going for
ridiculous prices on eBay now. The Queadlunn Rau is one of the least
popular kits from Macross, thus its availability after all these years
(I think it was reprinted for the 15th Anniv. too).

>I want to buy many models (haven't even start collecting any MGs yet,
>guess I will start with Super Gundam) but no way I can buy everything I
>want now (even if I mortgage my PC :) Can we predict if the existing
>models will still be kicking around in 1-10 years?

You will probably want to get the older kits that got the MG treatment.
For example, orders for the original 1/100 Gundam, Mk II, and Zeta will
probably not be enough to justify any reissues since people will just
pay a bit more to get the MG version now. Ditto their 1/144 HG cousins.
Right now is the time to get the Metal Clear 1/144 Endless Waltz kits,
since they are limited edition ones and will not be reissued. When I
placed my order last year Rainbow Ten already sold out on 2 of them and
could not special order since these were not being made anymore. Also
snatch the Crystal Version of MGs... I don't think they'll be reissued.


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