Re: [gundam] Silhouette Formula 91 kits, any good?

Richie Ramos (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 13:20:19 +0800

> Their biggest problem wsa somewhat weak joints in places, occassionally
>disproportionate limbs, a very unoriginal and over-cluttered design style,
>and in general just too many thruster nozzles and fiddly bits. They do,
>however, make great kits for scratchbuilding (which is what I use them
>for). You should see my Vigna Zirah Cannon!
> -Probe

        The fact that you could mix and match all the optional equipment was a big
come on, but admittedly after a while it felt like the CENTURIONS all over
again...I wish they had more modular stuff rather than just weapons, like
booster feet, special arm/leg variations, heads...hmmm...shades of

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