Re: Your secret gundam...formerly [gundam] Silhouette Formula 91 kits, any good?

Richie Ramos (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 13:16:53 +0800

>>Are these kits any good? Are they molded in the correct colors? What
about the
>>beam sabers?
>Everything's molded in the right color, thanks to System Injection. I've
>only built the RXF-91 and RXF-91 Kai, so I don't remember about the other
>kits in the series, but for these two their beam sabers are molded in white,
>not translucent pink.
>They are basically about the same as the F90 kits, since they came out
>around the same time. Personally I love these kits even though a lot of
>people here seem to hate it.

        I actually like these kit,s too, but my main complaint is the lack of a
waist joint, and the elbows tend to be...err, amputation prone. I disagree
with some people that it had too much detail...I think they are just trying
to use a new tack on gundam for the series...I liked it, gave it a
different look. What I don't like is having to buy ADS thrice over.

        While we're on the subject: What is your favorite mobile suit which you
know a lot of people hate?

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