Re: Re: [gundam] Where can I get polycaps?

Lim Jyue (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 12:59:35 +0800

At 22:15 2/2/99 EST, you wrote:
>Sorry, I don't have any info about polycaps. However, I was wondering what
>game are you going to be using it with? It seems to me that Gundam models are
>much too large for most table-top games. Speaking of that, anyone know if any
>Gundam metal or plastic miniatures have been made?

        Well, I was trying to modularize the Dreadnoughts of Warhammer 40K,
so the polycaps of the Gundam models are just about the right scale to do
it.. after much shaving of the miniatures, of course..

        Thanks to all who has and will respond to the mail. Thanks!

Lim Jyue
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