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Tue, 02 Feb 1999 18:33:33 -0800

Rodrick Su wrote:

> At 04:04 PM 2/2/99 , you wrote:
> >> here I will try this a better way. What do you think is the most agile
> >>manuverable MS of OYW up to 0083? one for each side (Zeon and Fed.).
> >
> >Hm... let's see. For the Zeon side, I'd go with the B type Gelgoog. It's
> >hard to think of any Zeon mobile suit that could outmanuever the
> Gelgoog,
> >and the addition of a vernier-studded booster pack rather clinches it.
> And of course, we are only talking about MS. There are faster Mobile
> Armor on Zeon side, but they are mostly one of the kind proto-type,
> not the mass produced product like Gelgoog.
> That sorts of bring up a question: Had Zeon won the war, would the
> concept of MA caught on and into mass production? Personally I doubt
> it. There are a couple of strikes against it, cost being the most
> paramount factor. A typical MA would probably chew up 3 or 4 MS
> budgets. Also the size of the MA means that it is something you toll
> into a battlefield, not the best way to deploy your field pieces.
> >As for the Federation, the magnet-coated Gundam is probably tops (or the
> >Alex, if you accept it as a contender). Gundams aside, I'd vote for
> >high-performance GM variants like the GM Sniper Custom, GM Sniper II,
> and
> >GM Light Armor. Considering that the Light Armor sacrifices protection,
> >thrust, and armament, simple fairness would dictate that it be a bit
> more
> >agile than the butt-kicking sniper types.
> >
> GMII & GM Cannon gets introduced later right?
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GM Cannon is actually supposed to be a 1YW variant.

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