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Tue, 2 Feb 1999 17:10:26 -0800

Hmmm...its a pretty complex manoeuvre, one of the most complex & elegant
transforming models I've ever built...that's why its my favorite suit. What
I'd recommend (highly) is getting a Master Grade Z Gundam model and building
it and you'll understand exactly how it transforms. Wow, I'd love to watch
that in CG/3D... :) The other option is going for the a little bit cheaper
version, the HG Z Gundam which also transforms as well. You can probably
get both of these models from most of the Gundam retailers on the web & in
your area. Price probably varies from $25-30 for the HG to $50-$60 for the
Master Grade kit.

Also, if you've seen the second opening from Z Gundam (the tv series), you
can see how the animators animated the transformation goes by
pretty fast, but if you step through it frame by frame, they show its pretty
nicely. Alot of stuff doesn't transform exactly like the model, so its your
choice which version of the transformation you want to follow.

If you are just looking for high res image of the Z Gundam in WaveRider
mode...I'm not sure where you could find that...most web-centric pictures of
the Zeta tend to be pretty low-detail/low-res.


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Anyone know where I can find a decent (preferably high res)  image of
the Z Gundam in Waverider mode? I'm trying to construct a model of it in
LW 3D, but have no clue as to how it transforms.

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