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>> here I will try this a better way. What do you think is the most agile
>>manuverable MS of OYW up to 0083? one for each side (Zeon and Fed.).
>Hm... let's see. For the Zeon side, I'd go with the B type Gelgoog. It's
>hard to think of any Zeon mobile suit that could outmanuever the
>and the addition of a vernier-studded booster pack rather clinches it.

And of course, we are only talking about MS. There are faster Mobile
Armor on Zeon side, but they are mostly one of the kind proto-type,
not the mass produced product like Gelgoog.

That sorts of bring up a question: Had Zeon won the war, would the
concept of MA caught on and into mass production? Personally I doubt
it. There are a couple of strikes against it, cost being the most
paramount factor. A typical MA would probably chew up 3 or 4 MS
budgets. Also the size of the MA means that it is something you toll
into a battlefield, not the best way to deploy your field pieces.

>As for the Federation, the magnet-coated Gundam is probably tops (or the
>Alex, if you accept it as a contender). Gundams aside, I'd vote for
>high-performance GM variants like the GM Sniper Custom, GM Sniper II,
>GM Light Armor. Considering that the Light Armor sacrifices protection,
>thrust, and armament, simple fairness would dictate that it be a bit
>agile than the butt-kicking sniper types.

GMII & GM Cannon gets introduced later right?

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