Re: [gundam] 2 quick Hygog ?s (was Nu Gundam 1/100)
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 18:41:11 EST

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<< Keeping it more on topic can the Gundams/GM do a manuvear like the pose
 I had. I will try to clarify I bit. He was pointing his Beam rifle out
 stretched arm style as to point 90 degrees of the imaginitive motion (it is
 hard to actually move a model like that :) balanced on it toes so to speak
 knees bent so it was sorta kneeling one forward and up the other back and
 so that the knees almost (maybe did) touch the ground. I know this is hard to
 visualize it was hard to pose to. I think the most kick ass manuvear I saw
 from the Hygogs in the base attack. they were attacking on all four limbs
 similar to animals I am sorry for taking up so much space >>

 here I will try this a better way. What do you think is the most agile
manuverable MS of OYW up to 0083? one for each side (Zeon and Fed.).

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