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>> Then I guess we are left with it being the worst case of storytelling
>> ever made.
>Seriously, though. I can't say that I love Gundam 0083 too much compared
>to the other UC titles, or that I'm happy with the way it fits
>thematically with them, but I wouldn't call it a case of the worst
>storytelling ever made. I always felt that even if the number of
>was increased mid-series, it didn't show in the story.

I guess it is a matter of my having been spoiled on Babylon 5 and Earth
Conflict where extremely minor foreshadowing comes along later on and
you a big kick in the butt. It didn't have to be anything major, just a
line change
from "Who is he?" to "What is he doing here?" Any laspe from then on
be explained away as simple forgetfulness, or the simple need to coverup
she knew.
Overall, I loved 0083, and it is my favorite series by far right now.
Until I see all
of Wing and the first 3 movies, it will most likely stay that way. I just
problems with some of the holes in the story.

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