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Richie Ramos (
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 12:41:54 +0800

>It sounds kind of expensive espicially when I am poor but I spend
>>almot that much on the Wing Zero Custom and liked that alot. But this is
>>comparing apples to oranges. I was concerned about how well poseable it
>>is and what the accesories are like. Balance problems( I heard it was
>>diffucult to stand up with FF) and how the detail was. Does it come with
the >>missile launcher and rifles? beam saber etc?
>The 1/100 Nu is hands-down the best plamodel released upt ot hat time...
>And for some time afterwards. We often call it "The MG that wasn't an

        Think of it this has great articulation considering there were no
ball joints, has a cockpit, a rifle, bazooka, shield, two BIG sabers, a
back up saber (hilt only), has metal weights in the legs for stability,
boosters+flaps at the calves and a basically smooth and clean design. it
had translucent eyes, and its proportioning was pretty good.

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