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Gen. Simmons, before being shipped to a new realm, gave the following:

> Right! In fact, in watching the AV subtitled version, it really sunk in
> that original Gundam is largely about a bunch of orphans and traumatized
> kids constructing their own artificial family, with Bright as stern but
> caring father and Mirai as nurturing mother. It's a theme you see again in
> other Sunrise shows, like Vifam and V Gundam. One could speculate that the
> abundance of orphans and estranged children is quite intentional, since it
> lets the story assemble a new family from scratch.

Hmm... I wonder if the theme of Gundam can be summarized in one or two
sentences, with children being the main victims of war...

> I think one of the main reasons why V Gundam and G Gundam are my next
> most favorite Gundam series is because they're the only ones that come
> close to equalling that surge of emotion. 0080's Romeo and Juliet
> finale is
> pretty sad, but I don't think it's as powerful as Domon's final
> confrontation with his brother, the death of Master Asia, or the final
> reconciliation with Rain... or, on the V Gundam side, the introduction and
> death of Usso's mother, the Reinforce Junior's last sortie, Odero's dying
> soliloqy, or Katejina's last appearance. Give me the five-hanky scenes any
> day!

Thank you for ruining the best parts of the given series for some that still
have had little to nil exposure... Oh well, I'm sure I'll get my grubby
fingers on them sooner or later...

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