RE: [gundam] [Preview] MG GM, separated at birth?

Y. Choe (
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 18:38:53 -0800

Refer toobby Japan GEX Feb. Issue...

> Are there any pics of this guy on the net that we can look at? Clear
> visor? Cool weapons? Super poseable?

Nope, just the pistol, rifle, two beam rifles, bazooka, and shield. I may
scan them if I feel like it, or can get an access to a scanner or both.

> > albeit few improvements thrown in to quiet the heretics like
> myself... As

I really shouldn't say improvements yet, but more like differences. But
that's to be expected. Also, I am hoping that they apply some of the lesson
learned from previous MGs...

> Heh.
> So at least we know they aren't using the exact same _molds_!

Nope. There will be few differences as I noted in the previous msg.

> Oooh! Smooth and silky! Just the way I like it! (Swoon)

Careful, lest ye be branded a hentai...

> > on its hind... Missing is the corefighter, but we get a nice
> engine block
> > (aka M-generator, aka makeshift nuke in OYW days) to play with...
> Very nice... is the block well detailed with lots of cool internal
> pipes, etc? Did they do a nice job with the revised GM cockpit systems,
> etc?

Nicely detailed, but cockpit detail will be no different than the Mk. II at
best or MG Gundam at worst

On the surface, it's as the same as the original MG. No verdict on any
differences yet...

> If the MG GM _does_ sell, making a GMII would be trivially easy, simply
> issue new leg armors with thruster ports and a new pistol and you're
> pretty much done! Though I think it's more likely we'll see B-Club upgrade
> parts for it instead.

I can now dream of B-Club doing all the 0083 GM conversion parts. Oh boyo.
I'd rather that Bandai did them a la PG Gundam upgrade parts... Now that
sir, would be f****ng cool, and definately earn a kick ass rating.

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