Re: [gundam] [Preview] MG GM, separated at birth?

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 16:56:54 -0700 (MST)

> confronted with the official pictures that Bandai released for MG GM, slated
> for release sometime this month (if not already released...)

  Are there any pics of this guy on the net that we can look at? Clear
visor? Cool weapons? Super poseable?

> First views shows that the GM is entirely a variation on the Master Grade
> Gundam, or at least for waist up. The arm, torso, and backpack assembly
> will no doubt resemble the first Master Grade ever engineered by Bandai,

  Well, the GM _is_ basically a trimmed down Gundam so I guess we
shouldn't be surprised if it looks awfully similar!

> albeit few improvements thrown in to quiet the heretics like myself... As

  So at least we know they aren't using the exact same _molds_!

> for the legs and the skirt armor, only few pieces seem to be modified, most
> notably, the GM's smooth legs (sounds silly, no?) and the aforementioned

  Oooh! Smooth and silky! Just the way I like it! (Swoon)

> skirt armor. Bazooka clip is provided, but it goes on the backpack, and not

  Well, at least it's different. The Zak and the Mk.II both had
bazooka-butts, so it's nice to see a different way to do it. Personally,
I'd rather have a system like the Nu-Gundam had, that was very unique!

> on its hind... Missing is the corefighter, but we get a nice engine block
> (aka M-generator, aka makeshift nuke in OYW days) to play with...

  Very nice... is the block well detailed with lots of cool internal
pipes, etc? Did they do a nice job with the revised GM cockpit systems,

> Overall, I expect this to be nothing more than a rehash of the original MG

  Well, can you see any improvements in the so-so jointing and poor
poseability of the original MG Gundam?

> Gundam... So why didn't bandai release this kit eons ago, and is a Perfect
> Grade GM shy from its release? And what about GMII? It's only a few
> stylistc variation from the original GM...

  Well, I think Bandai simply didn't think that a MG GM would sell, though
the variation is certainly simpler than say, making a Zak-R from a regular
  If the MG GM _does_ sell, making a GMII would be trivially easy, simply
issue new leg armors with thruster ports and a new pistol and you're
pretty much done! Though I think it's more likely we'll see B-Club upgrade
parts for it instead.

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