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Mon, 1 Feb 1999 18:45:16 EST

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> If you go by "plot" instead of looking at the actual story being told, then
> everything's a ripoff of something else. There are, after all, only three
> types of conflict: human against human, human against Nature, and human
> against self (which could be viewed as a combination of the first two).

> Oh, and it's not the Shadows in Crusade. The Shadows went beyond the Rim
> with the rest of the First Ones midway through Babylon 5, never to return.
> It's the former servants of the Shadows, the Drakh, who now fancy
> themselves as heirs to their former masters, who instigate the troubles
> that launch the Crusade.

Also, in other sci-fi besides Gundam, there are Human vs. Alien conflicts. I
knew that about the Shadows, the Shadows left the plague on earth, then went
away never to return. The Shadows dropped the plague on earth, right before
the Shadow War was over, and before they agreed to leave. The Drakh are as you


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