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>On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Chris Beilby wrote:
>> The original target of the colony drop in Stardust was Jabauro. The Solar
>> II wasn't fired at full power, and only pushed it off course.
>I could be wrong, because it's been a while since last time I watched
>0083, but I could sworn Gato specifically said to Nina that Jaburo is NOT
>the target...

Right you are! From Episode 13, as translated by Tonghyun Kim:

(Gato has docked the Neue Ziel outside the colony. Now, inside the
colony's control room, he sets the program to adjust the colony's trajectory.)

GATO: With the success of this operation, there will be those who will
follow in our path.

NINA: Please, gato. Isn't this enough? Please stop it.

GATO: It's not over yet! I will complete Stardust.

NINA: This colony will definitely fall on Earth. It doesn't have to fall
on Jaburo.

GATO: We're NOT dropping it on Jaburo. You can't understand.

(some exchanges of a personal nature)

GATO: I have devoted my body and soul to the resurrection of Jion. You
might be the true witness of Stardust.

If you read that last as "witness to the true Stardust" then it follows his
other statements: Nina is witnessing him redirecting the colony toward its
original target.

I haven't had time to view the Anime Village version to see what *that*

>Besides, I'm pretty sure the purpose of the Solar System wasn't to hit it
>hard enough to change the course. It was to burn the Delaz fleet and the
>dropping colony. I really don't think you can actually "move" things with
>Solar System anyway. Unlike beam weapons or projectile, which is actually
>hitting something, rays of lights in focus doesn't have any momentum or

The light pressure from the Solar System would be negligible. If it had
any effect on the colony's trajectory, it would be through one or two
secondary reactions. It might vaporize the exterior components --
antennae, mirrors, etc. -- along one side of the colony in such a way that
the outgassing would thrust the colony in the opposite direction. The
reduction in mass would also alter the trajectory and maybe knock a few
percentage points off the rate of descent, but again that'd be negligible.

It's a bit like trying to deflect a runaway semi with a fire hose....


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