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>It's not the Shadows that make it sound like a Yamato ripoff, it's the plot.

If you go by "plot" instead of looking at the actual story being told, then
everything's a ripoff of something else. There are, after all, only three
types of conflict: human against human, human against Nature, and human
against self (which could be viewed as a combination of the first two).

Give seven different writers the same plot and you'll get back seven
entirely different stories. Hell, give the same story to seven different
storytellers and you'll get seven different interpretations.

Oh, and it's not the Shadows in Crusade. The Shadows went beyond the Rim
with the rest of the First Ones midway through Babylon 5, never to return.
It's the former servants of the Shadows, the Drakh, who now fancy
themselves as heirs to their former masters, who instigate the troubles
that launch the Crusade.

>In the original series of Space Cruiser Yamato, the Earth has been made
>highly radioactive by the [Gamelons, IIRC]. Queen Starsha from the planet
>Iscandar sends plans for a wave-motion drive so that humanity can send a
>ship the 148,000 light years to retrieve a device to cleans the Earth. They
>have exactly one year in which to do it.
>Apart from the fact that [Crusader] gives them five years and it isn't
>radiation, there's not much difference...

Except that it's J. Michael Stracynski who's behind this story, which
raises a unique possibility that the mission may fail or that, succeeding,
create an even more problematic situation.

And, beyond the Earth-in-jeopardy "quest" scenario and the Excalibur's BFG,
there's no basis for any comparison except your own prejudged conclusion.
In Crusade, the questers have no assurance that their Grail even exists,
much less where to find it. Nor are they hounded by continual opposition
every step of the way. Nor was their ship given to them by some friendly
angel -- they build a ship based on technology they don't fully understand,
but they built it by themselves, for themselves, before the current crisis

Even if Crusade *were* a Yamato ripoff, that wouldn't be such a bad place
to start. I can guarantee that it won't finish anywhere in the same
neighborhood, though....


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