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Probe enters newtype space, writing,

> Just like Laura Sun's vast NT-presence in the NT-plane pulled at Amuro's
>own NT presence and forced him to 'submerge' into the NT-world of forms

  Say, Probe, old buddy, could you write up a digest of your Grand Unified
Newtype Theory for the benefit of latecomers and the absent-minded? I
recall that the full expansion of your theory took place over a few rounds
of messaging, and it would be pretty cool to have it all in one unified

  As I recall, it sort of boiled down to a theory that newtype perception
operates at the level of the collective unconsciousness, and that a
sufficiently large "event" at this level - a powerful newtype, mass death,
et cetera - would register on nearby newtypes, or even catalyze borderline
newtypes. But there were a host of other corollaries and spinoffs...

>He found that his world was not the war or the war-Machine, but the people
>that he filled it with (and I think this is the real part of Tomino's
>gundam, and what makes it so much of an "Early Evangeleon".)

  Right! In fact, in watching the AV subtitled version, it really sunk in
that original Gundam is largely about a bunch of orphans and traumatized
kids constructing their own artificial family, with Bright as stern but
caring father and Mirai as nurturing mother. It's a theme you see again in
other Sunrise shows, like Vifam and V Gundam. One could speculate that the
abundance of orphans and estranged children is quite intentional, since it
lets the story assemble a new family from scratch.

  Note the contrasts between Bright's "parenting" style and Tem Ray's;
Amuro squeals, "You hit me! Not even my father ever hit me!" But Amuro's
real father never cared about him, either. Bright's "tuff love" seems to be
exactly what Amuro really needed, all the more impressive since Bright is
himself struggling to play parent to a crew that's only a few years younger
than he is...

> It's actually quite uplifting, and I must admit that after watching the
>MSG movies, it's that image, not the Zakus and Zugocks and Core Boosters
>and Salamis cruisers, that stuck with me.

  Yeah, me too. The ending of Gundam III gets me every time... Amuro
spilling out of the drifting core fighter, flying towards his loved ones,
melancholy music soaring in the background, a tearful goodbye to Lalah...

  I think one of the main reasons why V Gundam and G Gundam are my next
most favorite Gundam series is because they're the only ones that come
close to equalling that surge of emotion. 0080's Romeo and Juliet finale is
pretty sad, but I don't think it's as powerful as Domon's final
confrontation with his brother, the death of Master Asia, or the final
reconciliation with Rain... or, on the V Gundam side, the introduction and
death of Usso's mother, the Reinforce Junior's last sortie, Odero's dying
soliloqy, or Katejina's last appearance. Give me the five-hanky scenes any

-- Mark

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