[gundam] [Gundam] Amuro's Famous Mass-telepathy scene

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 12:57:49 -0700 (MST)

> _Amuro_ had reached some exalted plane of newtypeness, but also because the
> _crew_ were themselves tipping over the newtype threshold. Look at the
> individual crewmembers he communicates with - Sayla, the three kids, but
> not the famously oldtype Bright...

  That's always been my interpretation of that scene!
  Just like Laura Sun's vast NT-presence in the NT-plane pulled at Amuro's
own NT presence and forced him to 'submerge' into the NT-world of forms
(the "Pink Sky" scenes!) I believe that being present around Amuro for
such a long period of time, especially when he had been under enormous
emotional stress (and hence, submerged himself into the NT-plane) had had
the effect of gradually making members of the WB crew more and more aware
of the part of themselves that stretches into the NT-undermind. In effect,
the part of them that allowed them to feel Amuro's anguish, pain and
paranoia was the part of them that gradually grew in awareness until
Amuro's own ability to see and move through the NT-world allowed him to
reach out and touch them!

  Similarly, he had no problem finding the floating WB lifepod, and look
at how happy he was after abandoning the last piece of the gundam (The CF)
He found that his world was not the war or the war-Machine, but the people
that he filled it with (and I think this is the real part of Tomino's
gundam, and what makes it so much of an "Early Evangeleon".) In effect, he
was able to finally open up (and admit that he cared about people) and by
doing that, 'reach out' across the emptiness of space (i.e., the walls
people put up between each other) and warn his friends. Once this is done,
the barriers Amuro has always put up between himself and others
(essencially isolating his NT-side from contact with anyone else), falls
away and he learns to be happy with who he is.

  It's actually quite uplifting, and I must admit that after watching the
MSG movies, it's that image, not the Zakus and Zugocks and Core Boosters
and Salamis cruisers, that stuck with me.


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