Re: [gundam] Rumorama (was re: 0083, GUNDAM, new series)

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy, Far, Far Away.... (
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 07:37:23 -0500

>>show was *supposed* to be 13 episodes. When you consider the attitudes
>>and events that occur in the first couple of episodes, it makes no kind
>>of sense. What you end up with is one of two things, the worst case of
>>storytelling ever made, or a complete coverup with everyone lying to
>>stay within the partyline.
> <laugh> I give up, I really do. First we have everyone going about how
>they're sure the plot was changed in mid-series, and they're sure they
>read it somewhere, really they are. I finally turn up a staff interview
>dating back to 1993, I might add - where they insist that it was always
>scheduled to run 13 episodes. Your response? "everyone [is] lying." How
>do you know? Golly, it just seems that way.

Then I guess we are left with it being the worst case of storytelling
ever made.


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