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Sunwook Kim returns! And he says...

>Wow, those books should have been long out of print, and I heard that
>Sunrise sold them ONLY through the mail ordering service. How did you
>find those lovely treasures? :)

  I have my ways, heh heh. Only a few classic tomes have been able to elude

>Rapport's editorial staffs claimed that their 'Animec No.16 Extra :
>Mobile Suit Gundam Encyclopedia' was the first Gundam-only guide book
>ever published in Japan (I forgot the release date though) and 'Record
>Collection' was the second (and the first 'official' compendium, you

  Since I have both books, I'll simply check the first publication dates. :-)

>I checked my Japanese dictionary and realized that it is 'Kur' (from the
>German word, not English).

  Weird. As I recall, I checked my garaigo (loan-word) dictionary, and it
said it was from the French "cours."

>What I'm worrying about is, what if he made another whole bunch of crap
>just like what he did in the F91? The F91 itself had some potential and
>many good aspects to work with [I think], but the trend was not on their
>side, and *Tomino* was simply too old to work another miracle. What if
>that nightmare reprised itself in front of the whole world this time, eh?

  On the other hand, V Gundam was superb - and Crossbone Gundam was pretty
darned cool, too - so maybe the old man still has it in him. :-)

>A friend of mine told me the similar assumption, based on the last scene of
>the first Gundam TV series, in which Amuro got succeed to *connect* with
>other WB crew's lestless minds, to tell them *ESCAPE AT ONCE!* remotly. :-)

  Which raises another possibility. Maybe Amuro's extraordinary feat of
mass telepathy at the end of the original series wasn't just because
_Amuro_ had reached some exalted plane of newtypeness, but also because the
_crew_ were themselves tipping over the newtype threshold. Look at the
individual crewmembers he communicates with - Sayla, the three kids, but
not the famously oldtype Bright...

-- Mark

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