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Probe sez,

> Seriously, Anaheiem must have resculpted every single piece of the GT to
>make it look like this, so it's a bit at odds with the idea of them simply
>'re-armoring' the GT-4 to look more Zionic. There are certain things like
>the placement of the calf-thrusters, the shoulder thrusters, the rear
>thrusters, the crotch thruster that are _integral_ to the design and which
>are explicitly Jionic in nature that can't have been simply grafted-on to
>a Gundam!
> This suggests to me that it _must_ have been a Jion-styled design from
>the beginning.

  Quite correct. I think we've discussed this umpteen gazillion times, but
the official explanation is that the Federation cut off funding for the
GP04 project while it was still in its early stages; since the Federation
wouldn't be needing it anymore, Anaheim's ex-Zeonic engineers simply
completed the mobile suit according to their own design aesthetic.
Akitaka's GP04 design is a "what if," namely what if the Federation hadn't
canceled the project and it had been completed as a Gundam.

-- Mark

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