[gundam] Gundam merchandise - goodies!

Roger Harkavy (harkavyr@pandora.planet.net)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 02:09:37 -0500 (EST)

A quick trip into New York City today proved fruitful. Mondo Kim's at 6
St. Mark's Place is having a huge toy sale until Feb. 15, and there are
many Gundam items to be had. Among them:

- Tons of SD Gundam keychains.
- A few of the 3" Banpresto figurines that end up in UFO catchers. There
was a Hyaku Shiki one wielding a Hyper Bazooka with a really nice gold
finish that I really regret not buying now...
- Lots of current and older kits.
- A few "gumball" type things including some very tiny (about 1")
figurines that come in a bullet-shaped container (almost like a mini snow
sculpture). I grabbed a Zaku FZ (with shield, identical to the ones in the
History of One Year War book standing in front of the Statue of Liberty).
The flyer inside also shows a Kampfer, Rick Dom, Gundam, and Gelgoog
- One Hizack HCM, box a bit worn, in the bargain bin for $30! Snag this
one, folks.

As the "big bang" draws closer, I love seeing more of these little
figurines pop up. The Banpresto stuff keeps impressing me.

Roger Harkavy

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