[gundam] Rumorama (was re: 0083, GUNDAM, new series)

Mark Simmons (scorpio@best.com)
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 21:07:55 -0800

It's no fun playing killjoy, and lord knows, any number of weird things
may come to pass. But just to differentiate between verifiable, sourced
facts and anonymous speculation...

Linwood Foster writes,

>From all of the cues that are seen in the first 4 episodes, it does seem
>like the show got extended about halfway through. The entire first half
>of the series just seems to lead to a conclusion at Solomon, but instead,
>Solomon is now just the beginning of what Stardust was really about. The
>thing that really gets me is that all of a sudden, everyone: producers,
>editors, and directors is now joining the partyline by saying that the
>show was *supposed* to be 13 episodes. When you consider the attitudes
>and events that occur in the first couple of episodes, it makes no kind
>of sense. What you end up with is one of two things, the worst case of
>storytelling ever made, or a complete coverup with everyone lying to
>stay within the partyline.

  <laugh> I give up, I really do. First we have everyone going about how
they're sure the plot was changed in mid-series, and they're sure they
read it somewhere, really they are. I finally turn up a staff interview -
dating back to 1993, I might add - where they insist that it was always
scheduled to run 13 episodes. Your response? "everyone [is] lying." How
do you know? Golly, it just seems that way.

  Gee, you have _me_ convinced! :-)

Kota writes,

>Unfortunately, it actually seems to be taking shape. According to
>Internet Movie Database(www.imdb.com), it'll air on May 14 of this year,
>and currently filming in Osaka and LA.

  Wow, there it is. I wonder where they got the info?

  Actually, right now the IMDB entry omits any mention of scheduled air
date or where it's being filmed. But we'll see come May 14, won't we? :-)

Then we have those weirdnesses that _do_ eventually come true. Writes Dafydd,

>As noted in a previous post, which seems to have gotten lost in the noise,
>the old fannish GUNDAM acronym (General-purpose Utility Non-Discontinuity
>Augmented Maneuvering [Weapon System]) now appears on the shoulder of the
>new Perfect Grade Gundam model.
>Mark Simmons has been debunking this thing for years, in every version of
>his Gundam FAQ. Now it's emblazoned on the be-all and end-all RX-78-2
>model, which is about as official as you can get. What to do?

  Huh... it's come a long way since it was a goony made-up acronym cited
on one page of a Model Graphix book to justify calling the Zplus a
Gundam. In fact, prior to its appearance on the PG Gundam kit, this
incomprehensible acronym hadn't appeared in _any_ Japanese publication
for ten years or so. Now it's on a model sticker, and we can look forward
to even _more_ fans writing GUNDAM in all caps. Along with Mobile SUIT
and its companion, Mobile ARMOUR. Sigh.

-- Mark

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