Re: [gundam] Re: New Gundam series/special for 1999?

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At 22:27 1/31/99 EST, you wrote:
>> hat makes it sound like a F90 Gundam.
>I have never dealt with F90 kits. Are they any good? I really like the look of

        It's been a long time.. pre HG, the old black box type. The model's
okay, acceptable, but stiff.. IIRC the torso cannot rotate, it's a one-piece
mould. sharp, clear colours, and depending on the box set you get,
interchangable weapons. overall, a good kit, but no as good as a HG Mk II.
BTW, can anyone get the old black box HG MK II anymore? I miss that box...
got one already, but always willing to have more. =) 'Sides, my MK II
suffered from the chipped antenne problem..

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