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At 19:36 1/31/99 +73700, you wrote:
>> camera. Otherwise the GM's big faceplate won't make sense either! IIRC, in
>> the opening of 0080, a GM shot itself thru the faceplate and promptly
>> collapse, indicating that it's main sensors got shot through, but from the
> Well, it doesn't indicate anything (unless you believe for some reason
>that the _gyros_ of the GM are in the head, which is really really dumb!)
>except that, as usual, the animators seem to enjoy making the Feds either
>look incompetant or ludicrous. (Admittedly 0080 is much less of an
>offender than 0083!)

        So where will the gyros be? with the Core Block? (As this is about
GMs, let me amend this to: behind the cockpit, near the thrusters.)
Admittedly, a gyro in the head idea is quite stupid, but if the main sensors
are suddenly blown apart, the pilot might overbalance his GM and fall..

        As for whether the Feds are incompetent, well, if they are anything
close to competent, I think Zion will have been overran quite fast. After
all, as other posts state, the GM is a superior machine to the Zaku, and
only the expertise of the Zion pilots levelled the playing field.

        (NOI to anyone, okay? =)

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