RE: [gundam] Re: Kou Uraki - the most ineffectual Gundam pilot ever ?

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At 16:59 1/31/99 -0800, you wrote:
>> And talking about GPs, can someone enlighten me regarding Cima and
>> GP04? I heard some rumours.. but don't know what to believe.
>> Seems like Cima was piloting a Gundam when she died..
>No, not exactly. Gerbera Tetra was given to CIMA by ANAHEIM in the anime.
>Some people, and one of the mech designers (?), decided to make a Gundam out
>of Tetra, and there you have GP04...
        So, AE bribed Cima? I get the impression the GT was given to Cima to
prevent her from making trouble on Luna.. which she went ahead and did anyway.

>GP04 looks really damn nice though, and a decent kitbash can be made from
>existing 0083 kits and a bit of hard work... Something I need to make
>myself do, that reminds me...
        Got a pic?

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