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> Talking about Nina, does it seems like the story behind 0083 got
>modified halfway thru the show? Seems like all of a sudden Gato was her
>when she couldn't even recognize him (and him her) when he looked up
>he entered the cockpit of GP02.

like the
show got extended about halfway through. The entire first half of the
series just
seems to lead to a conclusion at Solomon, but instead, Solomon is now
the beginning of what Stardust was really about. The thing that really
gets me is
that all of a sudden, everyone: producers, editors, and directors is now
the partyline by saying that the show was *supposed* to be 13 episodes.
you consider the attitudes and events that occur in the first couple of
it makes no kind of sense. What you end up with is one of two things, the
case of storytelling ever made, or a complete coverup with everyone lying
stay within the partyline.

> And talking about GPs, can someone enlighten me regarding Cima
>GP04? I heard some rumours.. but don't know what to believe. Seems like
>was piloting a Gundam when she died..

Yup. Supposedly the Gerbera Tetra is the GP04 underneath that Jionic
It seems that after paying for the monstrosity that is the GP03S, the
didn't feel like paying for yet *another* Gundam. So with the suit
gathering dust,
Anaheim decided to sell, or give it, to Cima as a special parting gift.

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